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Street Dance Classes For Children & Adults, join anytime, just turn up!

Learn for fun or with hard work and dedication you could become a Street Dance Competitor and even a Member of (Group/Quad/Teams) also referred to as Squads/Crews Perform in shows!

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Join now and have fun.


Classes At:

Snodhurst Bottom
Walderslade Road, Chatham


Ridge Meadow Primary School

Churchill Avenue
Chatham, ME5 0LA

See Map Here

Telephone 0203 286 6759 (local rate)


Email: info@dancedomain.net

DanceDomain in Medway in partnership with MCDA bring you the best in Street Dance, Freestyle & Cheer Leading!

Are Classes Are Fun & Keep You Fit!

Children & Adults Classes in Medway.

Come and learn the latest moves, with fun classes, classes for beginners, intermediate & Advanced Levels. Of course majority of our classes are for those who want to learn to dance socially and keep fit, but you may in that time decide you would like to compete in Street Dance Competitions, this is not a problem as we are a Competitive school.

DanceDomain (medway) are in Partnership with MCDA

Medway Dance Studio

You must reach a particular standard before you will be offered the chance to compete. It is your choice and once you become a competitive dancer you may also perform in Pairs, Quads, Groups, Teams (also known as Squads/Crews) .

You can turn up and watch if you do not wish to join in straight away, we always recommend you come with a friend or in a group that way you do not feel so nervous as you will be with people you know, but if you do come on your own your soon make a load of new friends!

Clothing and Shoes, well no, you don't need to purchase special dancewear or shoes, as its street dance so you wear what you would wear in the street but we recommend trainers are worn and baggy clothing so you can move freely.



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Want To Become A Street Dance Competitor

About Street Dance Competitions!  

Do you want to take it serious and become a street dancer competitor. We will provide you with all the support you need to achieve this.

At DanceDomain we attend competitions in Kent, and other areas of the UK, plus you can even travel to European competitions if you wish, although some require you to qualify in the UK to represent your country, but its all great fun, for the competitor and their family who attend to give support.

We will also support you too, you can dance solo, but other events you can enter on the day at Street Competitions is Street Doubles where you perform a street routine with a partner, so we will do our very best to find you the most suitable partner within our school and this will always be someone from the same area as you, but on occasions it can be beneficial to dance with a partner who is maybe from another area branch of the school. Another area that you could be a part of is being a member of a street group or street team. A group can be 5 to 7 individuals who perform a routine, or be part of team that is like a Dance Troop, with many members in it. What ever you decide to do, how ever old you are your welcome to do what you feel comfortable doing, so if its just for fun, that's fine!

Good Luck to all those entering competitions in 2009




To Join Simply Turn Up On The Night!

Street Dance Competition Diary 2009

History Of Street Dance

Street dance, also called vernacular dance[1] is an umbrella term, used to describe dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios in everyday spaces such as streets, school yards and nightclubs. They are often improvisational and social in nature, encouraging interaction and contact with the spectators and the other dancers.

Street dance is also commonly used specifically for the many hip hops and funk dance styles that began appearing in the United States in the 1970s, and are still alive and evolving within hip hop culture today: such as breakdance, popping, locking, hip hop new style and house dance. These dances are popular on levels, as a form of physical exercise, an art form, and for competition, and are today practiced both at dance studios and other spaces. Some schools use street dance as a form of physical education.

Dancers interpret the existing moves freely and even invent new ones to create a personal style of their own. Improvisation is the heart of most street dances, though choreography is also seen, mostly mixed with improvisation or used for prepared shows.

Generally, a street dance is based on a unique style or feel that are expressed through the dance, usually tied to a certain music genre. As new dance moves evolve based on this feel, the dance is under constant development, and if the feel starts to change it might give birth to a completely new dance form.

Today, serious street dance competitions are increasingly popular, and a number of large annual international events are taking place around the world!.

Some of the most famous street dance styles of today, such as breakdance, popping and locking, began appearing around the 1970s, and hip hop new style and house dance around the 1980s. Though some of these styles originally evolved separately, most of them are today associated with the hip hop scene, as they share many modern street dance elements.

More recently, new street dance styles are emerging that are further inspired by hip hop and its music. Krumping, with its focus on highly energetic battles and movements, is an example of such a style that just recently became publicly known. It's also common to see some characteristics of street dance being mixed with other more traditional dance forms, creating styles such as street jazz, a hybrid of modern hip hop styles and jazz dance. Such styles are generally focused more on choreography and performance and less on improvisation and battles, and are not always considered pure street dances, though a popular alternative to the more traditional and classical styles of studio dancing.

These Images show Street Dance - Hip Hop in the street and in the class.

If you like Modern Music.....  Your Love Street Dance!

DanceDomain will be Promoting Street Dance Competitions In Kent during 2009
These will be focusing on First Timers - email us for more info.

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