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When you join our school you become a member of DanceDomain. We want all our members to enjoy attending our schools classes, the events we attended. Therefore we have an set of guidelines and rules that everyone who becomes a member should read and digest. We uphold these rules and if broken can lead to a pupil or a parent of the school being removed.

- The Rules

To be become a member of one of our current or future street dance crews you will need to show commitment, progression and the desire to work hard.

- I Want To Be In A Street Crew

Talk to your parents first this involves commitment and travel expenses, although we do fund raising for weekend events, but you need to be prepared to travel and be committed. There are many benefits of attending competitions, your gain more confidence, improve your skills but above all have great fun and network with others dancers from all over the country.

- I Want To Do Competitions

There is private tuition available for anyone, some have regular slots to gain one of these you need to put your name down, there is also a list for ad hoc slots when they become available you can be called to see if you wish to have the available slot. Its best to have a regular slot and maintain constant program of improvement.

- Can I Have Private Tuition

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Bottoms with DanceDomain Branding can all be obtained by clicking here.

- Where Can I Get A School T-Shirt